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Southside Jacksonville Auto Accident Injury Doctors

Did you get into an auto accident while traveling and got injured? The auto accident doctors at North Florida Medical Center can provide you with the post-accident treatment you need no matter what age you are. From pain management to therapy, we can help you get back to your feet and be in your best physical condition.

Car accidents can happen at any time, and sometimes, you will just be surprised that it happened. At first, you won’t realize that you had been in an accident because of the adrenaline that is pumping in your body while you are in shock.

As a result, you should get yourself checked up by an auto accident injury doctor after you get into an accident even if you are not injured. You may experience minor pains here and there, which can point to something serious if it continues to happen after the accident. At North Florida Medical Center, we can perform preliminary tests and checkups to see if you require further treatment after an auto accident without having to visit other medical facilities for a checkup. We will make sure that you will get the medical care you need without causing more problems for your injuries.

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Common Auto Accident Injuries

pain management JacksonvillleAuto accident injuries often involve the head, neck, and back injuries, as these are the three areas of the body that are immediately affected when a car stops suddenly due to a collision. Some of the damage that you may experience include blunt force trauma, whiplash, spinal cord injury, and others.

Aside from these problems, body pain around the body can also occur caused by broken bones, cracked ribs, and damaged ligaments. The most serious injuries are the ones that cause internal bleeding and organ damage. These injuries are not visible immediately and will require more in-depth checks.

In Southside Jacksonville, our team is very thorough and will make sure that we can identify which areas need further treatment and help you get better from it.

Post Accident Injury Recovery

After getting into an accident, you will be given an extensive treatment plan that will help you recover. It may be a short treatment plan or a long-term plan that involves different medical practitioners from chiropractic to medical specialists.

When you reach out to us here in Southside Jacksonville, FL, our specialists can treat you without any problems without you having to travel from specialist to specialist. Everyone is in one facility, and each specialist is ready to help you with your medical needs. We are always here to help you be 100% healthy, no matter how long it takes.

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Jacksonville's North Florida Medical Center LogoWhen you need a healthcare service that can cover every medical thing you need, you won’t go wrong with North Florida Medical Center. No matter what kind of doctor or specialist you need, we have them here in one roof. We are always ready to provide you with the services you need and help you get better quickly. Check out our services today and find out how our talented auto accident doctors here in Southside Jacksonville can help you out.

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