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Jacksonville Family Medicine, Family Doctors

Jacksonville Pain Institute Team CollaborationFrom pediatrics to geriatrics, North Florida Medical Center provides comprehensive primary care to every member of your family during every stage of life. From preventative to routine care, our skilled general practitioners and medical specialists keep your family healthy by providing complete customized care specific for all your lifelong health needs, all under one roof.

Chiropractic care to pain managementphysical therapy, and massage therapy, we handle many aspects of your recovery without you ever leaving our medical center. With board-certified physicians and trained medical staff with years of dedicated experience, we look forward to becoming your sole provider for all of your Jacksonville healthcare needs.

Call North Florida Medical Center at (904) 373-6230 for a Consultation!

Preventative Care

pain management JacksonvilllePreventative care or wellness care is targeted at maintaining health by avoiding illness through regular health check-ups, physical exams, immunizations, lab testing, and early detection. Our nutrition and lifestyle experts provide tips for maintaining good health through appropriate diet and exercise, providing specialized plans based on your unique lifestyle choices and individual health needs.

Chronic Disease Management

North Florida Medical Center provides the support and care you need to manage your chronic illness, including coordinating & monitoring treatment, regularly scheduled screenings, and health check-ups to determine progress and potential treatment alternatives. In addition to treating the symptoms and root cause of your condition, we also provide helpful tips and recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise routine that will support recovery. As a one-stop health care provider, we are able to minimize your health costs and waiting times, making it more convenient than ever for you to get the quality healthcare you deserve.

Pediatric Care

Assisting patients of all ages in our family practiceEveryone in our office enjoys the energy and excitement that our youngest patients bring to our facilities. Our highly trained pediatric medical professionals are dedicated to ensuring they maintain their active lifestyles by providing complete pediatric care to children of all ages, from infants to adolescents and older teens. As a full medical facility, we can continue your care into adulthood, allowing you to continue your health journey with a team who is already familiar with your unique needs. This allows us to provide comprehensive, intelligent care throughout life.


Health needs change as you age. North Florida Medical Center provides older and elder adults with compassionate, focused care. Our doctors and medical professionals provide the appropriate screenings for your age to help detect potential disease or illness, and offer advice for how to best mitigate the risk of developing common conditions, or those you may be predisposed to. Our geriatric healthcare providers help you understand what you can expect from your body as you grow older, so you have the tools, resources, and support needed to age gracefully.

Women’s Health Services

Women's Health CareWomen have unique health needs throughout life, including annual exams and long-term preventative medicine including annual exams, pap smears, bone density scans, and mammograms. Our women’s health professionals provide expert care, answering questions and making recommendations based on your unique health history. From birth control decisions to symptom treatment and illness screenings, we explain your options for care through every step of the journey, so you are able to make the best decisions for your long-term health and fitness.

Routine Care

Physical exams, lab tests, and screenings all fall under routine care. Typically, you will be referred to a routine care provider by your family doctor or primary care physician. If you are currently a patient of North Florida Medical Center, we provide your routine care services in the same facility as our primary care, making it easy for you to quickly get the care you need. Hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and many other conditions can require routine outpatient care for disease management and control. We ensure you have the appropriate long-term care for your health, lifestyle, and condition.

Request Your Consultation

Jacksonville Family Medicine, Family Doctors logoNorth Florida Medical Center is dedicated to becoming your complete, one-stop Jacksonville Medical Center. Providing holistic care for the entire family throughout every stage of life, you can be confident that you are in good hands. With a full staff of talented medical professionals dedicated to your care, it is obvious why more and more Jacksonville residents are making North Florida Medical Center their choice for comprehensive health care.

Call North Florida Medical Center at (904) 373-6230 for your Consultation with a Family Care Physician!

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