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Massage therapy has been used as a part of holistic healthcare for thousands of years. A completely natural treatment that is non-invasive, medical massage is an excellent treatment for relieving musculoskeletal pain in many patients of many ages and fitness levels.

The licensed massage therapists at North Florida Medical Center are comprehensively trained in neuromuscular therapy, the most advanced technique for treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems. We customize your massage treatment to your specific condition and complaints, and are attentive to injuries or strains that may need special attention during your session.

North Florida Medical Center looks forward to providing you with comprehensive medical services, all under one roof. With a full staff of dedicated healthcare professionals, we are dedicated to supporting you in a living a full and healthy life.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Jacksonville, FLMassage therapy has been a continuous part of holistic care because of the many benefits it can provide. Massage therapy for muscle pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek medical massage care. However, not only can it help to relieve muscle pain and cramps and relax muscles, it can also reduce swelling, aid in injury recovery, and improve your range of motion, and may be included as part of your custom physical therapy care plan.

When used in conjunction with chiropractic care, massage therapy can improve blood circulation leading to improved joint and extremity functioning. Improved blood circulation assists with reducing the impacts of many different health conditions, such as those with diabetes or other circulatory issues.

Our medical masseuse will create a massage therapy plan that is personalized to your particular needs and desires, ensuring an experience that is relaxing and comfortable while providing you with immediate and long-term relief.

Cupping Massage

cupping massage

North Florida Medical Center provides the latest in massage techniques, including cupping massage therapy. While cupping therapy is a relatively new technique for the western world, it is actually an ancient Chinese technique that has been adopted by modern medicine because of the impressive results it provides.

Massage cupping is a type of tissue therapy that utilizes suction to improve circulation. Our experts are able to adjust the level of suction in order to ensure a comfortable and effective experience for you. By increasing circulation, cupping massage also increases the blood supply to tissues and muscles, assisting with pain relief, reducing muscular tension and inflammation, as well as loosening scar tissue and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Our massage patients describe cupping therapy as relaxing and warm, providing an almost sedating experience. Both traditional and cupping massage provide immediate and lasting relief and benefits, however, several sessions may be scheduled as part of your health plan to ensure you are are getting ample opportunity for recovery or relief.

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Jacksonville's North Florida Medical Center LogoNorth Florida Medical Center is dedicated to using innovative treatment techniques that provide a comprehensive approach to pain management. We provide the right treatment for your unique needs from initial complaint through to full recovery.

Your complete Jacksonville medical providers, we look forward to becoming your chosen healthcare providers by impressing you with our knowledge, care, and extensive services and facilities. We believe that getting quality medical care should be pain-free!

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