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Northside Jacksonville Van Accident Doctors

Did you get into an accident while driving your van? Get yourself checked by our talented van accident doctors in Northside Jacksonville. We provide post-accident care for any person who got into an accident. From relieving pain to providing specialized treatments such as physical therapy, our team can help you feel better as if the accident never happened.

Getting into a car accident can happen at any time, and sometimes, we don’t get a warning that it will happen. When it happens, our body doesn’t register it immediately because of the adrenaline pumping in the body. As a result, you are unaware whether you need treatment or not.

Because of this problem, you need to get yourself checked by a medical professional immediately, even if you are feeling ok. Sometimes, the minor symptoms you feel, such as feeling tired or body aches may be signs that something serious might be going on in your body. At North Florida Medical Center, we can perform preliminary tests and make a comprehensive diagnosis regarding what treatment plans you need. We will see to it that you will get your treatments in one place so you won’t have to worry about getting more injuries.

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Common Injuries Caused by Vehicle Accidents

Pain Injection TreatmentMany vehicle accidents cause injuries affecting a victim’s head, back, and neck. The reason for this is because of the body’s motion when the vehicle suddenly stops upon impact. Some of the cases you may hear include injuries such as concussions, whiplash, and spinal cord injuries.

Aside from these problems, you may also experience body pains caused by broken bones, cracked ribs, and torn ligaments. Serious injuries can also happen, such as internal bleeding and organ damage. These severe injuries can be hard to track, especially from the outside.

At North Florida Medical Center, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our patients get the most comprehensive car accident recovery and health care they need here in Northside Jacksonville, FL.

Injury Recovery

After the accident, recovering from your injuries vary depending on how severe the issue is. Sometimes, you will be required to see different medical practitioners help you with your injuries, and you may need to go to them separately since they are located in various locations.

At North Florida Medical Center, you don’t have to leave the facility to get all the treatment you need. All our staff is in the building, and they are always available to assist. Let our team help you become 100% healthy again by checking our facility.

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Jacksonville's North Florida Medical Center LogoNorth Florida Medical Center is a complete healthcare service provider that people can reach out to for medical assistance. Whether you need a Northside Jacksonville van accident doctor or looking for a doctor for long-term medical assistance, our experienced team is ready to help. With our help, you will definitely see an improvement in your overall health.

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